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Find answers to our most frequently asked questions. 🤗

Not sure what size to go for?

How to find the perfect fit

Once you've chosen your desired style, you'll need to know your hat size to achieve a secure, comfortable fit. When you hat fits right, it can complement an outfit and enhance your face.

Generally, your hat should be reasonably snug so that a light wind won't blow it off your head, but not be so tight as to cause discomfort or distraction.

Our hats all feature an adjustable velcro strap to tighten the fit if need be, particularly in windy conditions.

The first step of finding the right fit for you is to measure your head accurately and consult the sizing chart, which can be found on the page of your desired felt hat.

You'll need a measuring tape or a long string and ruler. Once you've gathered your supplies, follow these three quick and easy steps: 

  1. Measure your head: Using your measuring tape or piece of string, wrap it all the way around your head about 2cm (an inch) above your ears, until it overlaps.
  2. Find your size: Once you've obtained your head circumference measurement, take your measuring tape or string and measure the length on your ruler. Note down the measurement.
  3. Use the hat size chart: To find your hat size, take your ruler measurement and find the corresponding size on the chart for your desired hat!

If your measurement falls between two different sizes, we recommend sizing up. You can then use the velcro band inside to size your hat down if necessary!

How to Care for your Hat 👒

Felt hats

  • If your hat becomes wet from rain, simply leave it to air dry. Avoid drying with heat as it may deform the shape
  • If you would like to additionally protect your felt hat, a waterproof shoe spray can be applied
  • Lint rollers or sticky tape can be used to lift up hairs/dirt
  • Marks and dust can be dabbed with a damp, clean cloth. For best results, clean immediately
  • Sweat stains can be cleaned by using a solution of water and a few drops of mild detergent
  • Our hats are easy to travel with! - simply take them as a carry on or pack around it inn a suit case, ensuring the centre is sufficiently filled with socks, shirts etc, to avoid crushing and deformation

Fur Hats

  • Upon receiving your fur hat, we recommend to fluff up the fur as it might become creased in transit
  • Use a regular blow dryer on a medium setting and work your way around the fur trim. It may take a few minutes, but you'll be left with amazing results! Your hat should fluff up and be incredibly soft to the touch.
  • Marks and dust can be dabbed with a damp, clean cloth. For best results, clean immediately
  • For stubborn marks, you can use mild detergent diluted with water
  • Avoid using chemicals on or around your fur hat, including perfume, hairspray and makeup

Beanies and Caps

  • Small spots can be cleaned with a damp cloth
  • For beanies, we recommend turning them inside out for full washes
  • Hand-wash in cold water
  • Only use a mild detergent (or detergent specifically made for wool) and avoid hot water
  • Lay flat to air dry